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Featured Publications

Marketing Sherpa

Marketing Sherpa, one of world’s most reputable marketing research institutions, featured ThrillX’s redesign of Influence Hunter’s website that resulted in a 385% increase in conversions. They featured our strategic approach to design utilizing analytics and data to drive decisions. 

Hurricane Valley Times

Our Founder and CEO, Arsh Sanwarwala, was featured on Hurricane Valley Times amongst several other esteemed entrepreneurs. He shared his insight on how your website is your top sales person, how UX can transform results, and the ‘always be helping’ approach to the digital industry.


ThrillX was featured for its insight as to how to get more conversions from your blog content. 


Our Founder Arsh provided his insight on predictive analytics and how he leverages it at ThrillX to make better business decisions faster to achieve desired results. 


ThrillX was mentioned as the go-to custom software development company that helps companies achieve digital transformation by Henof, a reputable tech publication. 


FilmDaily, one of the industry leading entertainment publications, featured ThrillX as an innovative e-commerce agency changing the game.