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Featured Publications

Marketing Sherpa

Marketing Sherpa, one of the world’s most reputable marketing research institutions, featured ThrillX’s redesign of Influence Hunter’s website which resulted in a 385% increase in conversions. They featured our strategic approach to design utilizing analytics and data to drive decisions. 

Hurricane Valley Times

Our CEO Arsh shared his insight on how your website is your top sales person, how UX can transform results, and the ‘always be helping’ approach to the digital industry.


ThrillX was featured for its insight as to how to get more conversions from your blog content. 


ThrillX was featured for its insight on predictive analytics and how we leverage it to make better business decisions faster to achieve desired results. 


ThrillX was featured for its insight as to how data analytics can help you make better marketing decisions. We talk about using a powerful and reliable data-filtering recommendation engine and how it can help you eliminate guesswork and reduce A/B testing times.

Famous Ashley Grant

ThrillX was featured for sharing its insights on how we are using Marketo Engage and predictive AI to help streamline our marketing tasks. 


We shared one of the best search plugins for WordPress websites that we use at our agency for our SEO clients called Ivory Search due to its user-friendly and easy set up as well as how it helps visitors find the content they are looking for efficiently. 

Data Magazine

ThrillX was featured for its insight on the importance of using a lightweight theme for a WordPress website and how it significantly improves website security as well as SEO. 

AZ Big Media 

Our CEO Arsh talks about how he and his team credit actively listening to customers’ needs and requests for staying ahead of industry trends. 


ThrillX shares its insight into the benefits of using visuals in social media marketing and how it has the power to arouse your audience’s emotions to help increase engagement. Imagery is just as important in web design and development. 

CEO Blog Nation

Our Founder Arsh shares his reason for starting his business and was featured amongst 30 other esteemed entrepreneurs.

Robin Waite

Our Founder Arsh shares his insight on transactional leadership and how it is critical for effective marketing in today’s environment.