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See below for a collection of our most recent projects and the impact that they've made.

Website Redesign | UX/UI | Illustration | Development

Increasing Influence Hunter’s website conversions by 385%

The leadership team at Influence Hunter wanted to drive more inbound traffic and conversions through their website. ThrillX identified key usability issues through user testing and analytics, ultimately doing a complete website redesign. The end result? A whopping 385% increase in weekly booked calls and hundreds of thousands of dollars generated in incremental revenue.

Brand Identity | Web Design | Development | Copywriting

Transforming Fiddler’s CBD’s digital presence

Fiddler’s Green CBD approached ThrillX with a website in need of a brand and design refresh. They had touching stories of customers who were able to start living their life to the fullest again with its CBD products. But their website wasn’t conveying this powerful message. ThrillX redesigned Fiddler’s website with a beautiful interface while creating a seamless shopping experience. We increased their store orders by 158% overall (67% in just the 1st month). 

Full Scale Conversion Rate Optimization | A/B Testing | Custom Landing Pages | Web Design and Development

Increasing Wild Man Drinking's website conversions by 194%

Wild Man Drinking Company (WMDC) achieved great success with its marketing efforts, managing to create viral TikTok videos garnering millions of views. However, their original ecommerce website was not effectively converting visitors into buyers despite the high traffic. We redesigned the WMDC website along with monthly conversion rate optimization services running a series of A/B tests, custom landing pages, and more to sustainably increase conversions by 194%, revenue per user by 92%, and AOV by 42%. 

Illustration | Brand Identity | Web Design and Development

Connecting football fans with their favorite athletes

Optimal Sports is a Los Angeles based football sports marketing firm. They work with world-class and high-profile athletes including 5 star USC player Raleek Brown. We built Optimal a sleek and modern e-commerce website to sell its athletes’ merchandise as well as a custom membership portal where users can get access to exclusive perks and prizes.

Strategy | Brand Identity | Web Design and Development

Bringing The Lion Group's vision to life

The Lion Group (TLG) is an eCommerce accelerator that has worked with several Fortune 500 companies and rocket-fueled startups. However, TLG’s website was outgrown by the company’s rapid growth and didn’t truly represent where the company was in terms of its size, capabilities, and the value it provided to its customers. The team at ThrillX did a full revamp, including conversion-focused design, messaging, and strategy. 

Conversion Optimization | UX/UI Design | SEO

Increasing sign-ups for Scrubby by 40%

Scrubby approached us in need of a design and UX refresh. We performed a deep-dive website and Conversion Rate Optimization audit, uncovering several areas of improvement with design recommendations. After redesigning its website, Scrubby saw a 300% increase in traffic, a 40% increase in sign-ups, and an increase in average session duration from 50 seconds to 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

Strategy | Website Redesign | WordPress Development

Helping Rydan connect with brokers and borrowers

Rydan Financial is a Toronto asset-based private lender that specializes in Ontario, residential & commercial 1st and 2nd mortgages. They needed a high-converting website that would help them connect with brokers and borrowers looking for their services.

Shopify | Branding | UX/UI Design

Positioning WindanSea as the leading adaptogen coffee brand

WindanSea is a premium CBD and adaptogen coffee brand based out of San Diego, California. We did a full rebrand and redesign of the WindanSea coffee website to help them better convey its story and the immense benefits it provides to customers. We crafted messaging that was impactful and emotional, helping WindanSea stand out in a market full of false promises. 

Conversion Optimization | UX/UI Design | SEO

Driving 54% more sign-ups through UX optimization

Inboxy approached us in need of a UX/UI design and Conversion Rate Optimization audit. Using HotJar and Google Analytics, we were able to identify key areas of improvement and conversion blockers by analyzing heatmaps, and session recordings, and gathering qualitative feedback from users. Through SEO and CRO, we increased sign-ups by 54% and traffic by 300%.

Website Design | User Testing | User Research

Bringing the RAIZE story and brand to life

RAIZE’s mission to help people eat dessert guilt-free is so special, it needed to be conveyed effectively through their website. Through a combination of bold and elegant colors, simple yet powerful photography, and unique decorative design elements, ThrillX was able to create a beautiful website that truly connected with RAIZE’s customers.

Strategy | Brand Identity | Web Design and Development

Helping Milan connect with his 5M+ following

Milan Singh (@milansinghhh) is a money and finance influencer who has a large following of over 5,000,000 people across all social media channels. ThrillX designed an e-commerce website to promote Milan’s subscription services where he provides investment advice for his audience.

Brand Identity | Web Design | Shopify Development | Copywriting

Helping Knob & Lock sell its innovative storage solutions

Knob & Lock is a leading innovator specializing in highly adaptable storage solutions tailored to a range of needs—be it for construction professionals, fishing enthusiasts, or homeowners. As a company committed to utility and efficiency, Knob & Lock wanted a Shopify e-commerce website that not only showcased its diverse product line but also resonated with its rebranded messaging: “We make life easier.”

Website Design | Mobile App Design + Development | Internal Dashboard Design + Development

Taply - the most powerful no code app builder

Taply is a powerful iOS & Android mobile app builder that helps companies build high converting apps. With a natural alignment of goals and mission, ThrillX partnered with Taply to completely design and develop their website, internal dashboard system, and mobile app.

Conversion Optimization | UX/UI Design | SEO

Increasing the number of qualified leads for GetAIA

GetAIA is a LinkedIn automation service that allows users to scale outreach efforts with hassle-free and innovative avatar technology. They needed a website that would reduce FUDs (fear, uncertainty, doubts) around LinkedIn automation, convey the core benefits of its technology without using jargon, and have a design that illustrated its innovation in the space. 

Website Design | Branding | Conversion Rate Optimization

Designing a high-converting lead gen machine for SuperLIA

SuperLIA is an innovative SAAS platform that allows lead gen agencies to scale campaigns efficiently with more volume than ever before. We developed branding to fit the “secret weapon” appeal, designed a high-converting website with efficient lead capture, and helped craft all of the messaging to convey the benefits SuperLIA provides. 

Website Design and Development

Helping Infostrux attract and connect with top-talent

Infostrux is an established consulting firm focused on data solutions in the cloud. With an ambitious vision to become the world’s data team, we worked closely with the Infostrux team to design and develop a careers page that was genuine, story-driven and allows them to attract and connect with prospective candidates. The page features what Infostrux stands for, employee video testimonials, and interactive elements to engage with users.

WooCommerce Website

Helping OOHawaii sell its premium skincare

O’o Hawaii uses only the most beautiful, high functioning superfood level ingredients from nature that are from non-GMO sources and when available, are grown organically in Hawaii.

Website Design | Website Development | WordPress

Passport Springs & Spa - immersive and social venue

Passport Springs & Spa is an innovative venue that will visually transport guests to the exotic locations of Costa Rica, Rome, Israel, and Japan, by recreating the most celebrated hot springs from across the globe. We created a website that highlights the 10 acre venue and makes you feel as if you are there in person.

Web Design and Development | Illustration

A social media, influencer, and brand research pioneer

Robert V. Kozinets (BBA, MBA, Ph.D.) is a globally-recognized expert on social media, marketing research, and branding. His research also focused on innovation, consumer activism, and retailing. His opinions and work have been featured in global media from the New York Times and Newsweek to the Discovery Channel, the CBS National News, Brazil’s Bites Magazine, Canada’s National Post, and Australia’s Boss Magazine.

Strategy | Brand Identity | Web Design and Development

Promoting the power of digital anthropology

Netnografica is an innovative market research company that provides Fortune 500 companies with actionable insights by extracting meaning from online conversations. Netnografica has worked with companies such as American Express, Campbells, and Nivea. They were looking for a website refresh and redesign.

Strategy | Brand Identity | Web Design and Development

Helping Hexagram Effectively Position its Brand

Hexagram is a unique consulting company combining its unmatched scale, global reach, and end-to-end project management value-adding range of services. With over 62 years of combined experience and 125+ projects delivered, they were looking for a digital experience that reflected their reputation in business.

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