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Deep-dive data audit for actionable insights

Get a detailed analysis of your website or digital product to identify conversion blockers and actionable feedback you can implement right away. 


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We identify conversion blockers at every stage of your website

Using HotJar and Google Analytics, we perform a deep dive quantitative analysis of your website or dashboard/app and identify any conversion blockers or areas of improvement. We also conduct a heuristic analysis which detects usability problems, resulting in us identifying a list of 150-200 problems on average. Everything is done manually - no automation.

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Conducting deep voice of customer research

We interview your customers, test the site with them, and conduct on-site surveys throughout their journey to gather crucial feedback. We also analyze your online reviews and use pivot table analysis to pinpoint common concerns and motivations. The best part is that this insight can be leveraged across ALL your other marketing activities.

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We look at the bigger picture marketing funnel

What makes our audit unique is we don’t only focus on your website alone. We analyze your entire marketing funnel because it is and optimizing your customer’s needs from the moment they interact with your brand. This involves analyzing your ad campaigns and whether it’s all cohesive.

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We present our key findings to your team

At the end of the audit, we usually have an 60-80 page long report of insights and recommendations. We do a presentation to all your senior stakeholders of our findings and explain it in laymen terms so that you know exactly what to fix and how to fix it.

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Finally, an audit that includes detailed mockups

We can identify all of the problems on your site until your blue. What makes our audits stand out is that they include design mockups that you can implement straight away or have us do. We include the rationale and hypothesis behind each change.

“We’ve been most impressed by ThrillX’s audits. They’ve been eye-opening”

“When making their recommendations, ThrillX has shown us competing websites and explained the logic behind their actions so their insights make sense. Additionally, I’ve been impressed with the detailed questions ThrillX has asked us.”

Trusted in over 50+ industries

What’s included in our audit?

Presentation of report
We do a presentation of the audit with all your senior stakeholders to explain our findings so everyone is on the same page.
80+ pages of rich insights
We will break down your site’s problems from top to bottom. This allows you to see what’s working and not working by device, traffic source, time period and more.
User interviews

What’s more effective than direct customer feedback? In our audits, we handle everything from crafting questions to reaching out to your customers and gathering their insights on your site.

All manual - no automation

Everything is done manually by our team – we don’t do any automation at all. Our CRO experts analyze your site from every aspect and angle to get you detailed, actionable insights.

Detailed mockups

Fully designed before & after mockups built for your brand. We also give you access to the working design files in Figma.

Full-funnel optimization
We make every step of the customer’s journey a chance to offer more value including recommendations proven to increase your LTV, AOV, and CVR.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

We guarantee your ThrillX report and experience will be valuable. If you don’t agree, let us know and we’ll give you a 100% refund, no questions asked.

Our Process


Everything starts with discovery
We start our audits with multiple workshops and discovery calls to foster collaboration and help shape all of our future insights.
Research and analysis
We begin our in-depth audit to identify low hanging fruit and new revenue opportunities. We do all of the heavy lifting so you can sit back and relax.



Mockups and reports

Once we have our insights collected, we start preparing several mockups and put together a report/presentation for your review.


The mockups are designed to be development ready in case you have an internal team. Alternatively, we can help implement the findings separately.


Examples of past audits

Transforming Fiddler’s CBD’s digital presence

We helped Fiddler’s Green with a full brand and design refresh. They had touching customer stories about regaining their fullest lives with its CBD products. However, their website wasn’t conveying this message. Our redesign increased store orders by 158%.

Bringing The Lion Group's vision to life

The Lion Group (TLG) is an eCommerce accelerator that has worked with several Fortune 500 companies and rocket-fueled startups. However, TLG’s website was outgrown by the company’s rapid growth and didn’t truly represent where the company was in terms of its size, capabilities, and the value it provided to its customers. The team at ThrillX did a full revamp, including conversion-focused design, messaging, and strategy.

Helping Fritz generate 158% more leads through a website redesign

Fritz was started by an industrial contractor who wanted to improve the industry. They specialize in staffing jobs with very experienced craftsmen like Electricians, Millwrights, Plumbers, Welders, Pipefitters, Plumbers, and Carpenters, etc. However, the website wasn’t conveying their unique competitive advantage. We worked with Fritz to create an interactive website that drove substantially more business.

Helping Pristine drive more reveune through its website

With over 3,000 products, Pristine Medical needed a website that had a clear and intuitive navigation with an agency partner skilled in user-experience design. The medical industry is well-known for having sales reps who are responsible for doing a lot of selling of equipment to large B2B customers. We did a full website revamp to position Pristine as a 24/7 salesperson and educate its audience.

Website Audit Packages

Mini Website Audit

Our one-time website audit package is designed to provide a comprehensive analysis of your website’s performance and user experience.

Deep Dive Audit

Our one-time website audit package is designed to provide a comprehensive analysis of your website’s performance and user experience.

98% customer retention

We work with mature market leaders as well as rocket-fueled growth companies. Our experience spans all major verticals because great ideas can live anywhere. 

Identify exactly where your conversion leaks and fix them today

Struggling with low conversions? Frustrated with not being able to scale your advertising profitably without burning cash? Our one-time audit gives you the clarity you need to fix your conversion problems and get you on the right path without spending a fortune.