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Influence Hunter Case Study

Influence Hunter is a marketing agency that provides affordable, tailor-made, and data-driven influencer campaigns to exponentially grow brands to new heights.

Completely revamping Influence Hunter’s website

The Influence Hunter Leadership Team wanted to drive more inbound traffic and conversions through the company website as they were facing declining conversions with their current outbound sales process. Our team at ThrillX completely redesigned the company website to increase conversions, improve SEO, and enhance brand perception.




User Research, User/Stakeholder Interviews, UX Audit, Usability Testing, Competitive Analysis, Copywriting, Illustration, Website Design, Website Development

Project Timeline

3 months (May 2021 – June 2021)

Project Results


increase in conversion rate (booked calls)


increase in monthly website traffic


decrease in the bounce rate


increase in average session duration

Understanding the problem

Influence Hunter’s website had a high bounce rate, an average session duration of 35 seconds, and a low conversion rate. Our team sought to further understand the underlying causes of these problems through usability testing on the initial website, stakeholder interviews, competitive analysis, and a website audit.

User testing and audit of initial website

We conducted user testing sessions with small to medium-sized business owners who were Influence Hunter’s primary target audience. The first major issue we identified is that users felt overwhelmed upon landing on the website. They felt that there were too many moving animations with a changing header title, banner image, and bouncing arrow at the bottom. As a result, they couldn’t focus on reading the subtitle text without being distracted or frustrated. This immediately diminished the users’ first impression of the site and resulted in them not fully understanding what the company does quickly and effectively.

Too many moving animations caused frustration and diminished people’s first impressions of the site

People wanted to view all of the steps at once and see more detail about the process

Users found it frustrating to have to hover over each block separately and only view one step at a time since they may have forgotten the previous step. The steps were also not clearly labeled with numbers. Users found that the information did not thoroughly explain the process of how we run influencer campaigns. Due to the complexity of the industry, it was common for competitors to put a lot of information on their How it Works page.

Several other usability issues caused user frustration and friction

High Fidelity Designs & Implementation

After creating wireframes and concepts for the initial ideas for the website layout and functionality, we developed high-fidelity designs so that we could commence user-testing sessions.



Final design for all other pages

Skyrocketing the conversion rate through user testing, A/B testing, and analytics

Changing “Book A Call” to “Learn More” dramatically increased the click through rate and sparked increased curiosity in users than before to fill out the lead form.



Users filled out the forms faster and in higher numbers than ever before

Our team observed countless users filling out the forms within literally seconds of landing on the site. They felt the curiosity to “learn more” rather than getting intimidated by “booking a call”.


increase in weekly booked calls from this one small yet highly effective change.

Shorter forms = more conversions

The forms originally on the site were too long because of both the number of unnecessary questions as well as the vertical formatting that made them appear longer than it is. ThrillX sat down with Influence Hunter to understand what questions are not absolutely necessary in order to increase the number of conversions while also maintaining the same quality of leads.



Higher Conversions, Satisfied Users, and a Much Better User Experience

Through a series of additional changes, the redesign of Influence Hunter’s website dramatically increased the number of booked calls, high quality leads, and ultimately allowed Influence Hunter to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue by signing on clients through the website.
“Upon first discussing the redesign of our website with ThrillX, I knew we had the right team working on this project. They made sure to understand my goals and vision for the website while executing it perfectly. We have finally been able to pursue our long-term vision of getting more inbound leads via SEO and Facebook Ads which we were never confident in doing with our previous website. Our new site is already converting at record high numbers and we’ve managed to sign on some large clients in just the span of a few months. I cannot recommend ThrillX enough!”

Aaron Kozinets

Founder and CEO at Influence Hunter

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