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A social media, influencer, and brand research pioneer

Robert V. Kozinets (BBA, MBA, Ph.D.) is a globally-recognized expert on social media, marketing research, and branding. His research also focused on innovation, consumer activism, and retailing. His opinions and work have been featured in global media from the New York Times and Newsweek to the Discovery Channel, the CBS National News, Brazil’s Bites Magazine, Canada’s National Post, and Australia’s Boss Magazine.



Global Design System wanted to completely stand out from all other blog websites on the internet and create a fully unique brand identity. The visual identity our team created was around a techno-space theme built around an imaginary character mascot called “Tekno.” The website features several space-themed photos to take people on a journey “through space.”.

Low-fi Wireframes

As we do for all custom design projects, our team created a rough mockup of the website in a prototyping tool first before it was developed. This helped the Kozinets team see the layout of the website at every stage and provide feedback iteratively. We also hosted weekly meetings with the team so they could see the mockups converted to full-fledged designs firsthand. It also enabled our internal design team to plan the information architecture, visual hierarchy, and overall design of the site quickly without getting too bogged down in the details, which are more relevant for the development phase.


The entire homepage of the site focuses on driving users through a unique experience through space and time. From custom animations to illustrations and stunning iconography, the homepage grabs the user’s attention and immerses them in every interaction. As you scroll down further on the page, we present Robert Kozinet’s artwork and top-selling books, combined with some of his top-featured thought leadership content. As you near the end, you’re presented with a newsletter signup to stay on top of any recent events. 

About Page

The About page takes users through a creative storytelling experience from top to bottom. With multiple blocks, shapes, illustrations, and parallax scrolls, we wanted to create a user experience that you couldn’t find on any other blog site.

Custom Illustrations

Our team not only helped with the end-to-end design and development of the website, but we also had talented graphic designers create stunning custom illustrations around the space theme of the website. The “Tekno Cat” is one of the mascots of the new Kozinets website.

Blog Page

Robert Kozinets has been featured in some of the world’s top publications. It was crucial for the blog and articles pages to feature a world-class user experience and showcase all of the top content produced.

Artwork Page

Robert Kozinets had several custom art pieces and creative work that he wanted to showcase on his site. We created a dedicated page for this where users can actually purchase the artwork directly through the website itself.

Book Page

Robert Kozinets has had several best-selling books. He wanted to feature this thought leadership on a separate page of the site where users can purchase it directly from Amazon.

Music Page

Kozinets had several beautiful music-tracks and records that he wanted to showcase on the site. We created a central repository to store all of this information.

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