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Helping Luxury Fire elevate its brand to increase conversions

Luxury Fire provides a collection of luxury fireplaces, grills, and outdoor products on its website. With high-end product offerings, they needed a website that reflected its commitment to the utmost quality. We collaborated with the team to help bring their vision to reality.

Helping Luxury Fire establish the foundations through its website

Luxury Fire approached us after a frustrating experience of spending substantial money on digital marketing, only to barely break even. Since they sell extremely high-end fireplaces and outdoor products with a $4,500 AOV, their website lacked the premium design look and feel that was necessary to effectively build trust and convert users. We helped them take a step back and first fix the fundamental design issues on the website before considering investing more heavily in marketing again.


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Responsive Web Design

The Results

Increase in conversions (ongoing)
Decrease in bounce rate
Increase in time on page



Global Design System

Luxury Fire sells very high-quality premium products, and they needed a premium website to match. To do this, we redesigned the website utilizing a simple two-tone combination of black and porcelain, mixed with eggshell to give softer tones. We complemented this with the Zen Antique font for that premium and upscale look while also coming across as approachable. The branding, colors, and imagery all work together seamlessly.

Research & Discovery

One of the main elements missing from the old website outside of the elevated design was the strategy component. In other words, the core differentiator that made Luxury Fire unique from competitors was missing.

Luxury Fire was often classified as a “reseller” of products by customers when in reality, they were an established brand that has been in business for over 20 years. They are one of the few companies that have a physical showroom in addition to their online store. However, the website didn’t communicate this leaving a lot of revenue on the table.

Throughout the site, we crafted copy around their core value prop such as having outstanding customer service coupled with extensive selection/warranties.

Inspiration Gathering

The Luxury Fire leadership team understandably had a difficult time articulating their goals and vision for the new website early on. As part of our detailed discovery and research process, we sat down with the team to pull multiple inspiration pieces from a design, features, and user-experience perspective. Since we were going for an elevated design, we pulled from recognized luxury brands like Rolex, Ferrari, Porsche, and Benatti Yatchs. The final product incorporated a lot of these high-end luxury elements from our inspiration-gathering exercise that was conducted collaboratively with Luxury Fire.

Low-fi Wireframes

As we do for all custom design projects, our team created a rough mockup of the website in a prototyping tool first before it was developed. This helped the Luxury Fire team see the layout of the website at every stage and provide feedback iteratively. We also hosted weekly meetings with the team so they could see the mockups convert to full-fledged designs first-hand. It also enabled our internal design team to plan the information architecture, visual hierarchy, and overall design of the site quickly without getting too bogged down in the details which is more relevant for the development phase.

Design Exploration

As part of our creative process, we went through multiple design iterations of various sections including the hero banner as shown below. We experimented with different images, color combinations, messaging, etc. We collaborated directly with the team to receive iterative feedback on the fly. This helped everyone align on a cohesive vision that integrated the best elements across various designs.


As soon as you land on the homepage, you’re presented with a beautiful and immersive hero banner that has a compelling value prop just as powerful as the headline. The headline clearly conveys the 20+ years of experience that Luxury Fire has building immediate credibility in a subtle way, while the background image reinforces the value prop of bringing one’s dream living space to life.

As you scroll down on the page, you’re presented with immediate social proof highlighting the 10,000+ happy customers. This is followed by multiple value prop driven sections that grab the user’s attention and motivate them to take action. 

As you near the end of the page, you’re presented with the “Get inspired by the art of the fire” section to help the user imagine what a beautiful fireplace would look like in their house. The entire page has copy crafted to speak to the inner desires and dream end state of the user which is to elevate their living space experience. 


The navigation menu features immersive thumbnails to incentivize clickthrough while also segmenting products into various categories for a streamlined user experience.

Conversion-focused copy and imagery

Throughout the entire page, our in-house copywriters crafted messaging that clearly articulated Luxury Fire’s value prop while also diving deeper into the end dream state of the customer which is to enhance their living space. The imagery was strategically chosen out of dozens to help users visualize what it would be like to sit in their house or outdoor space with one of Luxury Fire’s products.

Helping Luxury Fire build its marketing foundation

Since the redesign, Luxury Fire has felt more confident to scale and has started investing more heavily into its digital marketing efforts such as SEO, thanks to a more conversion-focused website.

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