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Helping Milan connect with his 5M+ following

Milan Singh (@milansinghhh) is a money and finance influencer who has a large following of over 5,000,000 people across all social media channels. ThrillX designed an e-commerce website to promote Milan’s subscription services where he provides investment advice for his audience.

Helping Milan connect with his large following of 5M+

Milan Singh (@milansinghhh) had managed to build a large following on social media, known for his high-quality financial education content. He approached ThrillX in need of an e-commerce website to promote his latest subscription service called ‘MoneyChat’ where his audience can receive real-time stock updates and access to Milan’s private portfolio. We helped him design a high-converting Shopify e-commerce site.


Web (Responsive)


UX/UI Design

Digital Strategy

Custom Iconography/Illustrations

End-to-end Brand Identity

Shopify Development


Responsive Web Design

Shopify Development

Flexible Component Library

“ThrillX was an amazing agency to work with. I loved the initiative they took, their design skills, and everything about their services. It was a smooth process and I will be reaching out to them again for future projects. Highly reccomend them!”

Milan Singh

Money and Finance Influencer, @milansinghhh

Unique Problems to Solve

Building a brand identity from the ground up
Milan needed help with developing a brand identity from the ground up for his website. We utilized principles of color psychology and developed custom iconography for Milan to give his website a unique ‘influencer’ look and feel that separated him from other content creators in the industry. 
Build Milan’s Personal Brand & Marketing Presence
We discovered during our strategy session that Milan’s secondary goal for the website was to connect with potential sponsors who were looking to utilize his influencer marketing services. Milan has a track record of delivering results for Fortune 500 companies, and so we wanted to highlight his expertise in the industry through tons of social proof.

Global Design System

As a finance influencer, we opted for a creative brand identity that intentionally incorporated several related elements. The shape and geometric elements on the site all resemble coins (hence the circles). We created custom graphs and illustrations related to the finance space while also leveraging a color scheme akin to that of Mastercard (yellow and red). We mixed this with a jade green to offer a complete and balanced look.


Milan’s homepage targets both potential sponsors looking for influencer marketing services as well as highlighting his MoneyChat subscription service for his loyal audience. It features tons of social proof, such as stats of his large social media following across channels such as TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, in addition to multiple large-name publications he has been featured in, such as BuzzFeed. Throughout the page, the brand and visual identity are highly consistent, with custom iconography and illustrations reflective of the ‘influencer’ look and feel. The shapes throughout the site are circular and rounded in nature due to the association they have with coins and money. Every aspect of the homepage was strategically planned out to deliver a website true to Milan’s brand and to maximize conversions.

Exit Form to Prevent Dropoff

Statistics show that exit messages have higher conversion rates than other kinds of popups, and they typically convert an additional 2 to 4% of your website visitors. In the event that someone didn’t purchase Milan’s subscription services, we strategically designed an exit popup to funnel users to sign up for Milan’s FREE budget planner instead, allowing him to build a massive newsletter or email list for other marketing collateral.

Building Urgency and Scarcity

One of the most time-tested strategies for high conversions and click-through rates on a call-to-action button is establishing urgency and scarcity. By adding one simple line of microcopy (“500 spots available for a limited time only”), we were able to increase conversion rates and drive higher click-through rates on the CTA.

Heatmaps and Visual Eye-Tracking

We used multiple data and analytics tools to evaluate what layout, colors, arrangement, and photography would evoke the highest click-through rates on the main CTA button to drive and maximize conversion rates.

Subscription Page

The subscription page focused on highlighting all of the benefits of Milan’s services and what users are actually getting value from. The page features beautiful custom iconography and a consistent visual identity.

Budget Planner Page

We discovered during our strategy session with Milan that one of his goals outside of driving purchases for his subscription was to generate a large email list for his newsletter and other marketing collateral. We created a page dedicated to his free budget planner where users can track their monthly income, expenses, and transactions and receive an automated spreadsheet.

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