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Increasing conversions by 157% for MTAB

More Than A Bucket (MTAB) is a leading innovator specializing in highly adaptable storage solutions tailored to a range of needs—be it for construction professionals, fishing enthusiasts, or homeowners. As a company committed to utility and efficiency, MTAB wanted a Shopify e-commerce website that showcased its diverse product line.

Helping MTAB sell its innovative storage solutions

MTAB approached us wanting to launch several innovative and patent protected storage products to the market. They needed a partner to help them launch their DTC e-commerce brand and position it for conversions so that they could quickly generate revenue through digital marketing.


Web (Responsive)


UX/UI Design

Digital Strategy
Shopify Development


Responsive Web Design

Shopify Development

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The Results

Increase in conversions (store orders)
Increase in Average order Value (AOV)
Decrease in bounce rate



Global Design System

MTAB sells premium products, and they needed their branding to cater to a wide array of audiences, from homeowners to construction workers to DIY’ers. We opted for neutral branding that fit all three of these segments, with earthy tones mixed with hints of blue and black. We leveraged high-end typography, which provided that sense of elegance and upscale touch.

Research and Discovery

MTAB caters to multiple target audiences, including construction professionals, fishing enthusiasts, and homeowners. This meant that the website had to carefully take into account each user journey and help funnel the right user to where they needed to go. We worked with the MTAB team to understand all of these customer segments inside and out and empathize with their pain points, goals, and motivations. This helped ensure a user-centric solution that led to the substantial improvement of multiple KPIs.

Heatmap and scroll map analysis for data-driven insights

Before even touching a single pixel of code or design, our team dove deep into the current analytics of MTAB. We determined that the majority of traffic was from mobile, while they had a very low session duration and a high bounce rate. We also analyzed the top-performing and highest-traffic pages to help inform our decision-making later on in the design phase.


As you first land on the homepage, you’re presented with an immersive video that grabs your attention and showcases the different audiences that MTAB serves. As you scroll further, users are brought on a journey that takes them to their designated collection page by specifically calling out the various audiences and showing the versatility of MTAB’s products. The rest of the page features strong copy that speaks to the functionality and quality of MTAB’s products.

Product Page

The product page creatively highlights all of the unique selling points that MTAB has to offer. From the quality of the product to the various use cases it can be operated in, users can almost visualize what it is like to use MTAB’s products firsthand without even owning them.

Mobile Design

Ensuring the mobile experience was as good as the desktop for the MTAB website was essential. As an e-commerce brand, the expectation is high when it comes to the user experience on any device. With an abundance of graphic elements, we had to make certain everything aligned properly and the flow was uninterrupted on screens of all sizes.

Custom Bucket Page

MTAB eventually decided to expand its product line to include custom buckets so that customers could tailor the product to their specific preferences. We created a page dedicated to this and did an advanced integration where users can actually upload their logo, customize the sizing, and more—all from the website itself.

Helping MTAB build its marketing foundation

Since the redesign, MTAB has felt more confident in its ability to scale and has started investing more heavily in its digital marketing efforts, such as SEO, thanks to a more conversion-focused website.

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