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RyDan Case Study

RyDan is a Toronto asset-based private lender that specializes in Ontario, residential & commercial 1st and 2nd mortgages. We redesigned their WordPress website to better communicate their USP and to increase conversions as they experienced rapid growth.

Helping Rydan connect with brokers and borrowers

After undergoing a rebrand, Rydan was looking to revamp their website to improve overall website conversions and performance, have a more consistent and mature visual design, and allow them to connect with multiple user demographics (brokers and borrowers) to provide its mortgage lending services. We worked with them to redesign their website to better reflect their brand, convert visitors to customers, and enable a more premium user experience ahead of a major marketing campaign.


Web (Responsive)



UX/UI Design

User Research

Brand Identity


WordPress Development


Responsive Web Design

End-to-end Development

Flexible Component Library

The Results


Increase in conversion rates (booked calls)


Average time on page


Decrease in bounce rate

Unique Problems to Solve

Targeting Multiple Audiences
Rydan’s website needed to speak to both individual borrowers and brokers. For borrowers, we needed to clearly communicate the value of eliminating all the paperwork and effort required in getting a traditional mortgage when going with Rydan while also highlighting the pain points of getting denied by a bank. For brokers, we needed to convey messaging around alleviating the hassle of constantly searching for trustworthy lenders in the market who don’t have your best interest at heart while emphasizing the large variety of custom lending solutions Rydan has to offer.
Increasing Their Conversion Rate
Rydan’s original website was dated and wasn’t updated in several years. They wanted to position and structure their website to generate tons of leads for their business as they were planning to restart digital marketing efforts, namely Facebook Ads and SEO.

Original Website

The original website was dated and wasn’t updated in several years. It also had a lack of clear branding and it wasn’t used as a way to drive business for Rydan as it garnered low conversion rates.


The mortgage and loan lending industry can get quite complicated and intricate. We worked closely with Rydan over multiple weeks to completely learn their business model inside and out. We got a solid grasp of all the common industry terminology such as loan-to-value rates, hard money lending, asset-based loans, differences between residential and commercial mortgages, and more before even touching a single pixel of design or code. Through multiple strategy sessions, we were also able to understand Rydan’s value proposition and key benefits.

We then conducted the full end-to-end design and development process to create a website that was reflective of Rydan’s unique selling points and translated the complexities of the industry into simple-to-understand copy that users could resonate with.

We helped Rydan with all of the copywriting on their website, utilizing principles of high-converting websites. The copy was personable, relatable to common users’ pain points (EG – “Denied Again, We Can Help”), and trustworthy, all elements of the Rydan brand image that the leadership team wanted to be displayed.

Brokers Page

While the homepage focused on the borrower demographic, we created a separate brokers page experience as Rydan was planning to run ads and marketing campaigns on each demographic separately. This page focused on copy and images that were directly geared towards the pain points and motivations of brokers, namely finding the best deal for their clients, a minimal and painless process to get approved, and getting access to reliable capital and competitive rates. It is important to always understand your user and create experiences encompassing all demographics. Messaging and UX/UI that is not targeted can lead to a drop in conversion rates and all other KPIs.

About RyDan

RyDan had been in the industry for 15+ years providing the best service to clients whenever they need it and whatever they need. We created an about page that was reflective of their time in business and highlighted its mission, purpose, and what makes them different to connect with prospective users.

Putting Rydan in a position to scale

With an enhanced digital presence, RyDan was now well-equipped to restart its digital marketing efforts and outbound sales process with confidence. Prospective customers responded more positively to outbound messages and RyDan saw a rapid uptick in customer acquisition, engagement, and overall business growth.

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