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Who We Are

We are a remote design agency based in Canada, working with clients globally. We specialize in defining, designing, and developing transformative and immersive user experiences for website and mobile applications. We leverage our UX design driven approach to build future-proof and conversion-focused digital solutions aimed at directly growing your business. The one thing we love the most at ThrillX is getting to work with a diverse set of clients ranging from startup e-commerce companies, large B2B corporations, and even established influencers/authors. We are passionate about all things digital, including but not limited to conversion optimization, data-driven design, and digital strategy. We’re a fully remote company with employees all around the world, including New York, the Philippines, and Canada. We all love what we do and are passionate about digital!

Social Media Marketing Coordinator

Job Description:

As a Social Media Marketing Coordinator at ThrillX, you will be responsible for developing, leading, and executing our digital marketing campaigns across various touchpoints. We are looking to rapidly scale our marketing efforts in 2023 and put out high valuable content for UX Designers entering the industry, freelancers, and agency owners. You will work closely with the Founder at ThrillX and UX Design team to create marketing content that aligns with key business goals and KPIs.

Estimated hours: 5-8 hours per week


  • Determine high-level plan and strategic vision of marketing content that aligns with brand values, key internal KPI’s, and business goals.
  • Design graphics for website, Facebook, Instagram ads, TikTok, and any other marketing materials required.
  • Collaborate with the marketing team to discuss which mockups are effective and use their feedback to develop final drafts.
  • Revise the work of previous designers to create a unified aesthetic for our brand materials.
  • Work on multiple projects at once, and consistently meet draft deadlines. Great time management and communication skills is a must.
  • Develop new design concepts, graphics and layouts for internal team and client use.
  • Create visual aspects of marketing materials, digital ads, and social media assets.
  • Possess a good understanding of outputs and layouts for both digital and printed formats.
  • Basic understanding of design tool such as Canva, Figma, Photoshop, or software of your choice.


  • Ability to collaborate and work closely with teams and departments.
  • Ability to schedule tasks and complete urgent ones with minimal fuss and fast turnaround time.
  • A resilient and robust attitude towards challenges and the ability to hold their cool under pressure.
  • A service-focused and pro-active attitude towards candidates and clients, and the teams they support internally.
  • A high motivation to learn and excellent attention to detail.
  • Ability to consistently demonstrate the company’s values of hard work and insight, and to remain effective in their approach to work.
  • Interest in reputation management, social media, communications and marketing.