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Helping Some Kind Soul build a high-converting and optimized website

Some Kind Soul approached us wanting to improve its website from a conversion perspective while still balancing aesthetics to reflect its high quality products. We helped audit and optimize their site for conversions from everything to structure down to copy.

Helping SKS drive more revenue through its site

Some Kind Soul approached us in need of Conversion Rate Optimization assistance as they were struggling with poor performance on their website. While they had a large social media following and were able to effectively drive traffic to their site, they weren’t able to effectively convert those visitors. One of the main challenges was balancing premium asthetics while also not straying too far away from fundamental conversion principles.


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Some Kind Soul offers the finest, most natural skincare products on the market. To complement their high-quality offerings, they needed a sophisticated website that reflected their premium brand. We achieved this by redesigning the site with a soothing palette of tumbleweed, dawn pink, black, and white and incorporating the elegant Cadiz Regular font. The harmonious blend of branding elements, colors, and thoughtful design evokes feelings of tranquility, warmth, and purity, perfectly aligning with the brand’s ethos and enhancing the user experience.

Research and Discovery

We conducted multiple stakeholder interviews and discovery sessions to understand the various customer segments of Some Kind Soul and to ultimately ensure the final site reflected these perspectives. One of the main insights we gathered and challenges as part of the optimization work we performed was that they needed to balance aesthetics with conversions. We discovered that SKS was actually a very science-driven brand and that their products were formula-based to provide clients with great results. However, the website didn’t effectively communicate this and fell too much into the category of a “minimalistic” or “trendy site.” We worked together to find a middle ground.


The homepage of Some Kind Soul features a captivating hero section with a clear, inviting value proposition prominently displayed. This immediately draws visitors in to explore their award-winning skincare products. As you scroll, the page showcases the best sellers in clean, visually appealing product blocks, making it easy for visitors to discover and select products. Following this, an engaging section highlights the benefits of quenching peptides, deepening the understanding of the product’s effectiveness.

Further down, the homepage features compelling case studies with before-and-after sliders, demonstrating the effectiveness of their products. This visual proof helps convert skeptical visitors by showcasing real results. The page also emphasizes the unique benefits of their products, such as enhanced collagen crafting, supported by scientific data on improvements in skin thickness and wrinkle reduction. Each section is paired with detailed descriptions that highlight the advantages and impact of the products.

Overall, the homepage design, featuring the Cadiz Regular font and a soothing palette of tumbleweed, dawn pink, black, and white, effectively conveys the brand’s commitment to natural and effective skincare, enhancing the overall user experience.

Individual Product Page

Some Kind Soul’s old product page was bare bones and lacked many conversion-focused elements to motivate users to buy. We designed a hyper-optimized product detail page (PDP) to enhance the shopping experience and drive conversions. This included the reduction of FUDs (fear, uncertainty, doubts) under the add-to-cart button, highlighting several core value propositions scattered throughout the page to emphasize the main product differentiators, and the integration of reviews and subscriptions for an enhanced shopping experience.

The new product page features a detailed description section that highlights the usage instructions and benefits of each product. Essential information such as SKU, size, and availability is clearly displayed, while assurances like “Fast Shipping” and “Secure payment” build trust with customers. Environmentally friendly practices like “Your order ships carbon neutral” are also emphasized.

Customer testimonials add a personal touch and build trust in the product’s effectiveness, while recommended products displayed below the main product description offer complementary items that enhance the overall skincare routine.

By incorporating these conversion-focused elements, Some Kind Soul’s product pages now provide a seamless and compelling shopping experience that motivates users to buy.


Collection Pages

The collection page for Some Kind Soul provides a clean and visually engaging layout. With vibrant imagery and a cohesive design, it offers an enjoyable browsing experience. The products are displayed with high-quality images and concise names, making it easy for customers to navigate and find what they need. The filter and sorting options add to the ease of use, ensuring a seamless shopping experience for users.

Helping Some Kind Soul scale with confidence

Through our website and conversion rate optimization work, Some Kind Soul felt more confident scaling its digital marketing efforts and driving more traffic to the site thanks to an optimized website. They now had a well-oiled machine to generate revenue on autopilot.

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