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Designing a high-converting lead gen machine for SuperLIA

SuperLIA is an innovative SAAS platform that allows lead gen agencies to scale campaigns efficiently with more volume than ever before. We developed branding to fit the “secret weapon” appeal, designed a high-converting website with efficient lead capture, and helped craft all of the messaging to convey the benefits SuperLIA provides.

Building a high-converting machine for SuperLIA

SuperLIA approached us in need of a website that would convert leads at a high level and generate them immediate revenue. They were a startup launching a novel concept in the LinkedIn outreach space, mainly catering to B2B lead gen agencies. We helped them create a conversion optimized site with powerful messaging.


Web (Responsive)


UX/UI Design

Digital Strategy

Web Development


Responsive Web Design

The Results

Increase in overall conversion rates
Average time on page
Decrease in bounce rate

Global Design System

SuperLIA embodies a brand identity that exudes mystery and power, positioning itself as the agency’s secret weapon. Drawing inspiration from Mirage, Lava Red, Boulder, and White, our design approach emphasizes these elements to create a visually striking and impactful branding. The color palette and branding elements are integrated seamlessly into the website design, reflecting the agency’s unique and powerful identity.

Design Exploration

As part of our creative process, we went through multiple design iterations and presented these to the SuperLIA team. This included several color, image, and layout versions within Figma (prototyping tool).


As soon as you land on the homepage, you’re presented with the powerful value prop of “driving leads faster, cheaper, and better.” This is straight to the point, benefit-oriented, and speaks directly to the dream outcome of the end user (agencies). The body copy is equally conversion-optimized, discussing how SuperLIA handles the heavy lifting for its clients.

As you scroll down the page, you’re presented with stats and logos of large companies SuperLIA has worked with, including Oracle, IBM, and Cisco. This helped to build immediate credibility and trust. 

The rest of the page experience focused on multiple pain points and the value that SuperLIA provides. The site features beautiful images and illustrations that look tech-forward and innovative. Most notably, our team designed a custom ROI calculator so that users could see their exact savings by cost per message and cost per lead using SuperLIA. 

Helping SuperLIA skyrocket its revenue and conversions

The website proved to be very effective, generating immediate revenue and converting traffic into booked calls. The messaging resonated heavily with prospective users, while the visual design of the site hooked people in from the beginning.

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