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Who We Are

We are a remote design agency based in Canada, working with clients globally. We specialize in defining, designing, and developing transformative and immersive user experiences for website and mobile applications. We leverage our UX design driven approach to build future-proof and conversion-focused digital solutions aimed at directly growing your business. The one thing we love the most at ThrillX is getting to work with a diverse set of clients ranging from startup e-commerce companies, large B2B corporations, and even established influencers/authors. We are passionate about all things digital, including but not limited to conversion optimization, data-driven design, and digital strategy. We’re a fully remote company with employees all around the world, including New York, the Philippines, and Canada. We all love what we do and are passionate about digital!

Video Editor

Job Description:

As a Video Editor at ThrillX, you will be responsible for leading our video initiatives across various marketing touchpoints, namely YouTube ( The Video Editor will be responsible for taking raw footage and editing it into long-form video content. This will then be sliced and repurposed across other social media channels such as Linkedin, Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook to grow following and reach. For context, our current video marketing strategy is centered around freelancers, agency owners, and those looking to pivot their careers into UX Design. You will work directly with the Founder at ThrillX to determine production vision + high-level goals and strategy of the video content.

Estimated Hours: 5-7 hours per week


  • Meeting with the Founder to determine production vision.

  • Reviewing raw material to determine the shot list.

  • Manipulating film and video footage using modern editing techniques.

  • Inserting dialog, sound effects, music, graphics, and special effects to keep end user engaged.

  • Ensuring the project follows a logical sequence.

  • Creating the final cut for broadcasting.


  • Passionate about video storytelling.

  • Hands-on experience with editing software including Adobe Premier Pro or software of your choice.

  • Can dig deep for stunning results.

  • Superb understanding of factors that affect perception of quality and engagement of viewers.

  • Solid sense of timing.

  • Extreme Attention to detail.

  • Takes pride in work.