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Wild Man Drinking Case Study

Wild Man Drinking’s leading product, “The Krak’in”, is the ultimate drinking tool for party goers. With its TikTok videos garnering millions of views and consistently reaching virality, they needed a high-converting website that was going to deliver results.

Data-Driven Approach to Improving Conversions by 194%

We redesigned WMDC’s website and continue working with them on a Conversion Rate Optimization engagement. Our process involved both qualitative and quantitative research methods, leveraging tools such as heatmaps, user recordings, and surveys to gain a better understanding of how users were interacting with the website. This allowed us to identify areas for improvement, conversion blockers, and make data-driven decisions. Throughout several hours of strategy work and research, we were able to implement a number of changes to the website, leading to a substantial increase in all major KPIs.


Web (Responsive)



UX/UI Design

User Research


Conversion Rate Optimization

Digital Strategy

Brand Identity

Shopify Development


Responsive Web Design

End-to-end Development

Flexible Component Library

The Results


Increase in overall conversion rates


Increase in revenue per user


Increase in average order value

Unique Problems to Solve

Enhanced Product System + Analytics

The original website was hosted on Wix which lacked major e-commerce capabilities and was a pain-point for the internal team. We redesigned and migrated the website to Shopify for a more robust e-commerce system that allowed the WMDC team to update products/inventory and track data with increased efficiency.

Amping up the experience while being professional

WMDC wanted a website that was true to its brand with lots of motion, animation, and videos to best showcase the Krak’in shotgunning in action and catering to the ideal target demographic.

Agile Approach to Secure-Quick Wins

Our team had an early start, watching heatmaps and user recordings to gather critical data. We were able to immediately identify major trends, opportunities for quick wins, and potential pitfalls of the current website user experience. Our team worked quickly to categorize these issues into groups, record observations, collaboratively brainstorm a wide array of solutions, and implement them fast to capitalize on the virality of a YouTube shorts video that has now amassed 50M+ views.

Eliminating Decision Paralysis

Through HotJar user recordings, we observed users hesitating to choose one of five different bundle options on the Krak’in product page, often exiting the site without making a decision or opting for a lower-priced option. Our research revealed that presenting too many options could lead to decision paralysis, or the Paradox of Choice. To test this hypothesis, we conducted an A/B test where we reduced the number of options from five to three. The result was a 53% increase in conversions and a 13.5% increase in average order value within the first two weeks of working with WMDC.




Increase in Conversion Rates


Increase in AOV

Bringing Up The Average Fold

To increase conversions, we focused on optimizing the ‘above the fold’ area of the e-commerce store by eliminating redundancies and maximizing information display. Initially, users were only shown the first bundle option, resulting in a large drop-off as they were deterred by the product price. By making changes such as removing the sticky header navigation menu, redundant dropdown menus on product pages, and the ‘shipping calculated at checkout’ message while tightening up spacing, users were able to see both the first and second bundle options upon landing on the site. This drove higher conversions, as the discounted price implied that the product was not as expensive as originally perceived.




Increase in Conversion Rates

Gathering Insights Through Surveys

We set up multiple surveys at critical points of the user journey to capture important insights that served as the basis for future decisions. We aimed to align the survey questions with the main business goals and KPIs, including conversion rates, AOV, customer satisfaction, etc. Each survey question was designed to pull both qualitative and quantitative data. We deployed a total of 6 surveys (including tailored experiences for mobile versus desktop).

Quantitative and Qualitative Insights

We uncovered insightful quantitative and qualitative data that helped drive all of our future tests such as:


-> Solves spills and mess with using a key, knife, or thumb ranked as #1 reason for people to buy followed by it being a fun product

-> 29% of people relied on product videos and images on the website as their motivation purchasing factor

-> Qualitative data to describe customer’s pain points in using existing solutions to shotgun drinks

Testing the website with users

Using, we remotely tested the website with WMDC’s target demographic and asked them a series of questions. We discovered the following:

-> People thought the website looked like a ‘dropshipping store’ even though the Krak’in is not one (patent pending).
->People found the cart experience frustrating.
-> There was a lot of fear and uncertainty around the price of the product and whether it was “legit”.

Testing Different Custom Landing Pages

Based on the insights, research, and vast amount of data we collected, we created a custom product page to A/B test against the original version. We saw a substantial increase in several key metrics.


Increase in revenue per user


Increase in conversion rate


Increase in added products

Custom Shopping Cart

We utilized principles of psychology and behavioral science to incentivize users to add additional products to their carts. For example, if you added a certain amount to your cart, you could receive a free flap to go along with your Krak’in or even free shipping. We added a ‘Frequently Bought Together’ section at the bottom of the cart as another opportunity to upsell customers.

Driving More Reviews

We used a holistic approach to optimize the website for conversions. One aspect is the on-site optimization. But we view ourselves as strategic partners with our clients. We strategized with Wild Man Drinking to think of ways to encourage more reviews. We implemented a new marketing campaign where people would receive a free Krak’in if they submitted a video review which drove our review submissions by over 200%.

Helping Wild Man Drinking Dominate Amazon

Our agency helped Wild Man Drinking establish a strong presence on Amazon by designing all the custom product photos/graphics shown below that addressed the functional, emotional, and social aspects of its products. We also provided Amazon SEO services to help drive revenue through their listing. As a result, Wild Man Drinking was able to dominate the Amazon marketplace and achieve significant growth in its sales.

Revamping Wild Man Drinking’s Email Marketing

We redesigned Wild Man Drinking’s email marketing strategy by building collateral through Klaviyo’s editor, using behavioral science and psychology to motivate purchases. With a focus on conversions, we created email flows like a welcome series, abandoned cart sequence, and abandoned checkout flow, using incentives to maximize results. The result was significant growth in email marketing campaigns and increased sales for Wild Man Drinking.

Helping WMDC capitalize on virality and traffic

Our agency worked as a full-service digital strategic partner for Wild Man Drinking, providing a comprehensive suite of services beyond just redesigning their website and conducting a long-term conversion rate optimization engagement. From helping them obtain more reviews to dominating Amazon from scratch and revamping all of their digital marketing efforts, we worked collaboratively with them to drive significant growth and establish them as a leader in their industry. Wild Man Drinking was able to achieve measurable success and continued growth in their business.

“Arsh and his team at ThrillX have been instrumental in building out and optimizing our Shopify e-commerce website. In just one month, we’ve seen a 53% increase in website conversions and a 13.5% increase in average order value thanks to their efforts.

What sets them apart from other agencies I’ve worked with is their genuine investment in our business’s success. I never feel like we’re just another client or number. Every interaction feels like they actually care about our needs and satisfaction which gives me peace of mind that we’re in good hands. I view our partnership with ThrillX as an extension of our team. We strategize and collaborate together which has really made all the difference.”

Nick Widmann

Founder at Wild Man Drinking Company

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