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Wild Man Drinking Case Study

Wild Man Drinking’s leading product, “The Krak’in”, is the ultimate drinking tool for party goers. With its TikTok videos garnering millions of views and consistently reaching virality, they needed a high-converting website that was going to deliver results.

Promoting the ultimate party tool

Wild Man Drinking Company (WMDC) achieved great success with its marketing efforts, managing to create viral TikTok videos garnering millions of views. However, their existing ecommerce website was not effectively converting visitors into buyers despite the high traffic. We redesigned the WMDC website to boost conversion rates, enhance its brand image, and better connect with its customers as they look to expand its product line.


Web (Responsive)



UX/UI Design

User Research


Interaction Design

Digital Strategy

Brand Identity

Shopify Development


Responsive Web Design

End-to-end Development

Flexible Component Library

Unique Problems to Solve

Enhanced Product System + Analytics

The original website was hosted on Wix which lacked major e-commerce capabilities and was a pain-point for the internal team. We redesigned and migrated the website to Shopify for a more robust e-commerce system that allowed the WMDC team to update products/inventory and track data with increased efficiency.

Amping up the experience while being professional

WMDC wanted a website that was true to its brand with lots of motion, animation, and videos to best showcase the Krak’in shotgunning in action and catering to the ideal target demographic.


The original home page was cluttered, busy, and didn’t effectively convey a clear message as to what Wild Man Drinking company is. Users found the design and layout very aggressive which caused them to exit the site. We worked with the WMDC team to deeply understand what is their value proposition, what are the key benefits of the Krak’in shotgunning tool instead of its features, and then we determined the best way to effectively communicate this through the design of the site.



Product Page

The original website didn’t have a separate product page for The Krak’in despite it being its best-selling product. This was detrimental from a conversion standpoint as it didn’t provide us an opportunity to provide users with more information about the product as well as from an SEO perspective. We created a tailored product page for The Krak’in that featured tons of testimonials and social proof to build trust with consumers, benefits of the product as well as tutorials, and featured products towards the end to cross-sell customers.



Custom Shopping Cart Experience

The shopping cart experience is an integral component of any e-commerce website. We created a fully custom shopping cart flow at every touchpoint of the customer journey to maximize conversion rates. Whether you had no item in your cart or wanted to purchase another item, our shopping cart experience had you covered.

We utilized principles of psychology and behavioral science to incentivize users to add additional products to their carts. For example, if you added a certain amount to your cart, you could receive a free flap to go along with your Krak’in or even free shipping. We added a ‘Frequently Bought Together’ section at the bottom of the cart as another opportunity to upsell customers.

All of these features contributed significantly to the success of WMDC’s e-commerce website.

How it all began...

WMDC started by creating hundreds of prototypes and constantly testing them to improve their quality. What started as a fun product amongst a group of friends quickly turned into a viral product that everyone wanted their hands on. We created a beautiful about page that featured interactive storytelling with gifs and videos to communicate the brand.

Helping WMDC capitalize on virality and traffic

WMDC was able to better connect with its customers, increase their average order value, and properly convert visitors into buyers through its redesigned website.

“Arsh and ThrillX were great to work with. They went above and beyond to make us a website that met our needs at a very reasonable price. I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking for website development.”

Nick Widmann

Founder and CEO at Wild Man Drinking Company

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